Stevens, Sara Antonette (envy_my_demise) wrote in hrctothecore,
Stevens, Sara Antonette

This is what it looks like


Things you need to know about this layout

1. you have to have a website listed in your user info, if you dont this layout wont work. It doesnt matter what you put because it will be hidden anyway but you still have to have one, yea I know it's odd.

2. This layout changes the usual livejournal naivigation link appearance into a prettier one. However you have to direct the links to work with your journal. There are a bunch of website URLS, some of which have 'YOUR USERNAME HERE' within them. Replace YOUR USERNAME HERE with your actual username. These URLs are found in the LASTN_WEBSITE section, the FRIENDS_WEBSITE section, the CALENDAR_WEBSITE section, and the DAY_WEBSITE section. You have to go through ALL of your overrides and make sure that you change all of them!!! For example my friends page link would looks like this

And dont comment asking me to alter the layout in any way, you take it or you dont.

Ok here it is

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