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ok, i admit it

i haven't been the most completely loyal HRC fan lately...I haven't checked up on them in a while...but when I went to their website...I found 2 new people...does anyone know what happened? And also, after going to their website and hearing their three new songs they have up...they have a different sound...has anyone heard the entire new CD and how does it compare to their other sounds. I guess I am just worried...cause they are getting more and more away from their harder sound each album.

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hey yah well the two new people are brian and dan. MikeP left the band for something like wanting to work on recording and shit like that i guess, but the guys care still friends. i went to their video shoot the other day and mike was there. so dans there new drummer and ive seen him a few times at shows and i think hes awesome. and Brian is a new guitar player i guess b/c they wanted to be a 5 part band.
i have also heard the whole new album and its wicked good. im not sure how to compare it to the other cds. but i dont think you will be disapointed, i know i wasnt.
hope that helped you a bit
thanks yo