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So I went to a show...

Saturday I saw HRC.

Their, it was amazing. I haven't had that much fun singing along and rocking out and grinning and laughing and taking pictures and being COMPLETELY CONTENT ever. The set list was perfect. OLD OLD songs, NEW stuff, and lots of stuff off the last favorite. So they sounded AMAZING, and I can't even get over it...then the set was done and all 3 of us got set lists. YES, we fucking rule and everyone else fuckings sucks. What?

Caroline harassed Dan, by asking him for his pants. He was hysterical and she kept talking about how she loved the pants as he laughed, then he calmly replied to her question with a 'no.' Then I called Jay over and told him he was my favorite person in the world right now, and he was like, "OH REALLYYYY," and I was like, "Yeah." Then I proceeded to have sex with his hair while he was on stage. It was hott. Blah Blah. I made him pretend to sort of remember me from when they opened for Dashboard SO LONG ago and he was wearing earmuffs on stage and I told him I liked them, he took them off towards the end of their set and so after they finished playing I told the kids around me to chant "EARMUFFS! EARMUFFS! EARMUFFS!" And so he put them back on and we cheered. It was funny. His reply about earmuffs was, "I love earmuffs. I have some in the RV right now."

The shitty band was setting up and we decided that staying in the front would be pointless and walked across the stage and towards the back, as we passed I pretended I was going to grab Jay's ass and some girl gave me an ugly look. I laughed and told her I was only kidding, but she still looked ugly. Whatever. Then we got to the back and got some water and some merch and stood around like a bunch of goons. The band started to play, sucked, and we made fun of nasty girl in front of us and I pushed Caroline into her, then we kept dancing stupidly and throwing up the WEEZER sign for some reason and it was just ridic and hillairous. OMG I had this cramp in my foot and I kept dying. Then singer of the first band was trying to get C to talk to him and she wouldn't. Then Jay came in semi-drunk and we pointed at him and he was like, "YOU GIRLS, you're my favorite." And like gave us this group hug and said, "I smell good, don't I?" And we were like, "Yeaaaah." And he forced Samantha to sniff him again...and she was like, "I ALREADY DID!" and it was funny. Hahahahaha. Then I asked him if he wanted to do pictures then, and he was like suuuuuuure. We took a bunch and they're awesome. He took one of us with his camera too. ("This is a cute picture, I'm cute, huh?") : )

Then he randomly sat on the floor. Indian style. And I decided to pet him as if he were a dog and it turned into sexing of the hair...again. He got up eventually and started talking about his "secret plan" that I can't talk about that is fucking cute and stuff. He kept saying, "Shhhh you can't tell ANYONE!"

Laymen Terms finally shut up and we found Dan and had him sign our stuff and he was like, "You're the girl that wanted my pants aren't you?" to Caroline. I loved it. Then Andy walked up and we got autos/pics with him and he laughed at me 'cus I had the flash off and was yelling at my camera 'cus the photos kept coming out blurry. Dan wanted to see them 'cus he was flipping us off and sticking his tongue out in the background of 'em. Nerdface. Then we took one with him. And stupid lady told us to go outside 'cus we were we did, and it was freeeeezing. We had decided we WERE going to write them a note and leave it on their RV since before, so Caroline and I went to her car and got a notebook and piece of shit pen that refused to work and I called mom and told her the show ended and we'd be leaving in a few.

We strolled back around the corner and started writing the letter, and *insert horn music here* out came Casey to save the day. He's the one we didn't get to chat with inside so I was happy. He was like, "So what do you want to know?" and Caroline goes, "What color are your socks?" HAHA. He looked at them while hopping on one leg and I thought he was going to fall so I was like holding him up and he kept saying "I WON'T FALL, I WON'T!" Like a small, determined child. His socks were brownish with argyle print, in case you wanted to know. Then I was looking at my set list and was like "WHY DO I ONLY HAVE 2 signatures?!" And he was like, "That's gay, want me to go get the rest?!" And I said yes, of course. And Samantha ran to get her CD cover from the car and we sent him on the mission. He came back a while later and in the meantime we wrote most of the letter. It was random and I loved it and I cannot remember what all was said. Shit. When he came back he gave us our stuff and was like 'That's everyone except Brian, but he's the 5th guy. He doesn't really count.' Bwahahaha. We took pics with him and then he went back inside and we decided we should go home.

So Caroline was in her bag and found this sign she stole from the wall of the school advertising joining Chicano studies. It had this man in a sombrero pointing and read "We want you!" We cut off the chicano studies part and just left the man and the 'we want you' and signed it like we were the rockstars and she drove me up next to the RV and I jumped out, stuck it under the windshield wiper and ran back to the car and we drove through the parking lot honking and waving and then went NORTH. Why we went north I haven't a clue. We just like wasting gas and not knowing where we're going I 'spose.



"Spacey Casey."


New guy aka Brian.

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Passing the time during shit band. Yes, that's the setlist stuck to my face.


The random sitting on the ground. His smile kills me.

Awww. <33.


Me and Andy are making the same face. Sort of. lol.

HAH. Ridic.

Casey is insane.

This was x-posted, btw.
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